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The Fans of Claymore

Fans of Claymore
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Layout Credits: Before getting into what this site is about, I would like to give proper credit to the creator of our lovely layout. forgo made this layout using manga scans acquired from free_manga and whose brush credits can be found here.

A Friendly Note from your mods!

Welcome! After much searching for an active Claymore community, your mods (parsnip_chan and the_firefly) decided to set up a general community dedicated to the anime and manga. Most of you who have found your way here already have a good idea of what Claymore is all about, but for those who were just curious, please read the following few paragraphs. The rest, please take a look at our rules in order to make this community better and more organized for our members.

What is Claymore all about? Claymore is a fighting manga which ran in Monthly Shonen Jump and is still ongoing with 12 published volumes. Recently, it was turned into an anime series featuring a unique artistic style and has thus far faithfully depicted the manga to about 90% accuracy. If you’re not afraid of potential spoilers, you can find more here at Wikipedia. If you don’t want spoilers, you’ll just have to deal with parsnip_chan's poor attempt at writing a summary.

Anime and Manga Summary: In the Claymore universe, humans live in fear of Yoma, creatures who have the ability to assume human form and memory in order to better stalk their prey. Their only salvation is to hire Claymores, female warriors who have taken on the flesh and blood of Yoma to become half human and half Yoma. Although technically unnamed by the organization which employs them, these women were named by the humans they protect because of the swords they carry on their back. The manga and anime opens to show a single warrior fighting these creatures, her silver eyes shining. Enter Clare, the weakest warrior of her generation as she fights for survival, revenge, and her past.

Websites of potential interest:

Official Claymore Website - Japanese
Offical Claymore Manga Website - Japanese
Official Claymore Anime Website - Japanese
Claymore Manga at ANN - English
Claymore Anime at ANN - English
Claymore Website at FUNimation with Online streaming of episodes

Download links for the Anime and Manga: Please see the tags for anime downloads or Manga downloads for the most current links. This entry will be updated whenever possible to host a compiled list of anime and manga. Please use this entry to inform your mods of expired links so we may correct it.

If you wish to host either an episode or manga chapter, please f-lock all posts. In addition, officially licensed/translated material will not be allowed so if you see something like that go up, please drop us a link so we can contact the original poster to remove it and/or delete the material from one of our own posts if that's where it's located.

General Rules and FAQ:

1. As mentioned, please f-lock all posts containing download links of animanga. As stated in the above, official licensed material will not be tolerated in this community but fan provided/fan translated material is always welcomed.

2. Community issues: If you have a problem with a member or think a thread is getting out of hand and needs moderation, please PM one of the mods directly (parsnip_chan or the_firefly) so we can get it taken care of as quickly as possible. Thank-you!

3. Our Stance on Flaming/Wank: Flaming or intentional wank instigating posts will not be tolerated. All such posts will be removed if necessary. Friendly discussions, on the other hand, will be encouraged and welcomed.

4. Posting of Fanfic: As with most communities, we request that posts containing fanfic use the following header format or one similar to it in order to allow our members to better gauge interest. Just highlight, copy, paste, and remove the spaces to use.

Note: Please give potential spoiler warnings if any.

[Subject Header] Fanfic – Title – Rating

< b >Title:</ b >
< b >Author Preferred Pseudonym:</ b >
< b >Genre:</ b >
< b >Character/Pairing:</ b >
< b >Rating:</ b >
< b >Warning:</ b >
< b >Summary:</ b >

Always place the body of your text underneath an lj-cut. If you’re not sure how to use one, please see the LJ FAQ.

5. Posting of Fanart

[Subject Header] Fanart – Title – Rating

< b >Title:</ b >
< b >Artist Preferred Name:</ b >
< b >Genre:</ b >
< b >Character/Pairing:</ b >
< b >Rating:</ b >
< b >Warning:</ b >
< b >Summary:</ b >

All pictures larger than 400x300 pixels should be placed behind an lj-cut to prevent frame breaking of our members’ livejournals and also to keep the f-list easy to look through. All pictures not work safe must be placed behind an lj-cut.

6. Use of tags: Tags are encouraged for use by all members! This will allow our members to quickly search out and find quality posts and will prevent multiple requests for information, fic, art, episodes, etc. If you’re unsure what tag to use or have problems setting up a tag, please leave a note at the end of your post, bolded, as follows:

ATTN Mods: tags needed - Raki, Clare, fanfic.

Feel free to modify the text after the ATTN Mods to reflect the questions you have. One of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

List of current tags.

7. Community pimping: If you would like to promote another community or website, please make sure the post is Claymore related first. If the community is not directly Claymore related, please keep your promotion down to 1 or 2 lines to prevent spamming of the f-list and such posts must contain something Claymore related whether it’s a discussion thread, fanart, fanfic, icons, etc.

Affiliations: If you would like to affiliate your Claymore related community whether it’s an icon test, character or pairing related community, etc. feel free to let us know so we can edit our user profile accordingly. The easiest way to do this would be to post directly to our community with an advertisement and leave a note as follows:

ATTN Mods: Community affiliation – [insert community link]

Current Affiliations:

claymore_fic: A general fanfiction community.
raki_fans: A Raki-centric fan community.
clare_raki: A community dedicated to the Clare/Raki pairing.
claymore_yuri: A community dedicated to the fans of claymore's ladies and their interactions with each other. No boys allowed!